Wednesday, March 18, 2009

check this out!!!

i have always wanted to try this: marbling paper at home....well, now you and i can.....this is so easy it's crazy. a little liquid starch, acrylic paint, paper and a plastic tub, and you can have these beauties. i was looking on a cool "how to" website and this "sista" knows what's up!!!!!!

i am going to be trying this in the near here for instructions.

or click the pretty picture......

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

link broken, like my heart!!

ok, now try it:{

shamrock fun!!

something fun for the whole family....... making shamrock pretzels!!! who can turn down a massive thing like this? so easy and fun to give as a gift to all sorts of people: your neighbor, your garbage man(preferably not in the garbage), your friendly racoon, or even your own damn self.... click here for the recipe. or try clicking the shamrock too. i think i can link pictures now.

also, you could make other shapes too. i will leave the creativity up to you!!