Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i love me denim long time!!!

since i put the call out for denim jeans, i decided to make myself a little rug. i like the "rawness" of it.
some of the jeans have old paint stains, rips, tears etc. and i love the pocket detailing.

more bags

this is another bag using purple fabric, grey upholstery samples, and the little grid red piece is from rubber shoe samples. all said, pretty good use of odd materials.
forgot to rotate this photo of the use of belts for handles. but, they matched pretty good.
here is some reclaimed fabric, with a denim pocket. i put a call out for denim jeans, and i have been using them for all sorts of stuff. pockets is just one use. others to follow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

and now.....back to our program!!

been pretty busy lately with the tote bag thang....here are some new creations, of course all made with re-purposed materials, including the handles, which are belts.
i was inspired by some super cool stuff on etsy. i love this grey denim with the button flowers.

the green embroidery was off a t shirt i found at my clothing swap. it looks great on this bag!!!
don't miss the ART IN THE BURBS this weekend up on Bull Mtn. lots of great art, and super fun too.
also, next weekend is the big NW Bead Show at Montgomery Park. Sarah is getting her teeth pulled, so it is my duty to go for the both of us. duty.......yes, duty!
also, the Catlin Gable Rummage Sale is this coming weekend as well. lots of good stuff at cheap prices. all at the Expo Center. don't miss it!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a day in the neighbors yard

harvest is here, and my neighbor's grapes were ready. aren't they gorgeous?
these are reisling grapes to be exact. the weather had been cooperative, giving us a little milder weather last week, so it was time to take them off the vine.
such a thing of beauty. sigh......

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

more chalk art part 3

i love this one, so simple and sooo cute!!!
pacific university students did this one. still can't believe it is drawn with chalk!!
sometimes, don't you just feel like taking the day off and going somewhere on your own carrot?
me loves the goggles long time!!!

yes, this is still my craft blog. i will be posting pics of all my new stuff next time. i made some great tote bags and some cool, re-purposed jewels. more soon, i promise!

Monday, October 6, 2008

more chalk art

regardless of your party persuasion, this dude has serious skills. he was a featured artist that day.
beautiful!!!! another featured artist. i love the idea of a masquerade and a tree swing.
not only is this one beautiful, but it really gave me the notion that i needed to take a bathroom break right then and there.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

sidewalk chalk art festival

went to the sidewalk
chalk art festival 2 weeks ago and saw some amazing stuff.
like this one of some guys fishing.

and this gorgeous one. i love the bee on the flower!!
this guy paid homage to his little doggie. so lifelike. and the dog is sooooo cute in real life too. just a short, shrimpy dog, but attitude galore!!