Sunday, December 27, 2009

more inspiration from junk to funk

continuing on...... this little number was make of scrap fabric. but the best part was the bustle in the back. constructed of shredded paint bucket lids, it gave this dress the drama it needed. some of the bustle was lost, mid-strut, but no matter. still the greatese wedding dress of all time.the was one of my top three. can't see it really good, but this dress is made out of all those mesh bags that your avocados, tangerines, and fruit come in. the hat has a lovely "mesh veil" over the front of her face, and the bustle is piled high with colors of red, green, orange and blue.

the quintessential bridesmaid's dress. or, a night on the town, or casual friday at the office, or riding a horse, or hunting wombats, or..... you name it, i would wear it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

more junk to funk

here is another lovely that blew me away. her skirt is made with all sorts of stuff i can't quite remember, buuuuut, the jacket she is taking off actually turns into a shoulder bag. now who doesn't love versatility? no?

junk to funk 09

seriously people, marcy and i always go to this gig and wonder how these artists can out do the year before. behold.....the above pic was my favorite of the whole show. you are looking at all used coffee filters that have been dip dyed in berries. the corset is also coffee filters,but is a molded shell around her body. the back of the corset is a pink ribbon criss crossing up and down her back

here is a pic of her onstage struttin that dress. i swear, most of the outfits i would actually wear out.
this is the back of the stage. all made with styrofoam, you know, that crap we can't recycle. they spray painted some of it green,and then let the lights do the rest of the work. i have more pics coming. trying to post more often.