Monday, May 25, 2009

reuse, reuse, repurpose, repeat!

erica gave these to me from her wedding down in mexico. she just knew i could make something super fancy with them..
nothing like a little scrap fabric sewn up with some lavendar pods in it....

it made the most sublime sachet, no?
now when i open my drawer, i see the old mexican man staring back at me saying "Put me in your underwear drawer chica!"
more to come

side by side comparison

the picture below is me, before college graduation with my nephew.... i could pick him up. now the shoe is on the other foot. he has grown, and he could probably pick me up now!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i take a moment away from crafty business to salute my nephew. today my mom and dad surprised him with A CAR for his graduation present. he was smiling from ear to ear. we made him put cap and gown on to take a few pics of him, the car and a few with me. this pic is important to me, because in 1994, there is a pic of he and i when i graduated from college in my cap and gown. he was a tiny boy back then, and look how far he has come. when i find the picture i will post it here, and you can see how he has grown. later.....

Monday, May 18, 2009

bookbinding as obsession

the bookbinding class i took last winter turned me into a bookbinding fanatic. now that i know how to use fabric as the bookcloth, my world is all opened up. marcy found this cool "Project Runway" fabric, i used it for the main bookcloth, an the white strip is white denim jeans i ripped apart!!! Fabulous, No?
i have this thing about eyes. made a collage piece out of scrap paper, and threw some rinestones in there for extra glitter. kinda looks like a whacked out eyeball, but still cool.
Bubbles the dress form was a little irritated when she found out she wasn't going to be modeling these for me, but due to an unfortunate "Chrystal Light" commercial that went awry, she has no arms. she refuses to talk about it. we will stick to the jewels.

Friday, May 15, 2009

re-purposed beauty

Bubbles the dress form is all a twitter about my new button necklaces. this is an entirely re-purposed item here folks! the rectangular frame is a belt link, old buttons, a great pink button from an old jacket, and some lovely ribbon. i have had a ball creating these. there will be more for your viewing pleasure.

for those of you who are dedicated to viewing my blog, and have missed me ( including my own self), i am comitted to updating this "bad girl blog" from now on. i have so much more to come.

also, OCAC is having their ceramic and metal arts show this weekend may 16th and 17th. just a heads up.

ttfn: sandi the fabulous