Sunday, August 31, 2008

totally tote bag. period.

here is a tote bag i have been working on for a few weekends. keep in mind i am still sort of a beginner when it comes to sewing.

the front floral panels are upholstery samples from a giant sample book i found for 50cents at SCRAP. the handles are the coolest part. they are from a pair of suspenders that mom found. i took them apart, sewed them in, and they will probably be the most sturdy handles i will ever have.

this tote bag is quite "gi normous", but that's all i know how to make..... something big.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

ok, here is the pic

i am still learning how to post pictures you can click on and go straight to the link. sorry, all.

anyhoo, here are these beauties. i want one for every finger. LIBERACE!!!!

way cool rings

check these out!!!!! totally cool way to use your own artwork in a pewter ring. this guy has serious skills. he also has a video showing the whole process of doing resin for these lovelies.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

new fun blog i found

hey everybody, check out a new blog i found right in our own backyard. it's this woman has been crafting a long time, and has some seriously innovative ideas. check out her tip with the rolling pin. AWESOME!!

also today, i got my hair cut. really cut. at least 6 inches. i love it. so swingy and easy. i will post new pictures soon.

on to watch more olympics.

see you!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

re "jean" purpose

since i love to "repurpose" items, there is nothing like a great pair of jeans. my heart broke when my favorite pair ripped in the seat. i decided i needed somewhere to put all my sewing stuff whenever i cut fabric, so i just stapled it to the table, and filled the back pockets. i call it the "Daisy Duke sewing holder", or the "pam anderson sewing holder", or the carrie bradshaw sewing holder, or the "Ru Paul sewing holder". anyhoo, it works.

happy day!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

no "wining"

i finally found a use for all those wine corks laying around. i got a few of these cinch up thingys at the hardware store (i don't know what they are called), and just hot glued them together, cinched up the thingy, and now i have a wine cork trivet for hot food. just make sure they are all the same height. if not, you can cut them down. what a conversation piece at your next funeral. :)

another crafty day

you all saw the crocheted bracelets with wire. i decided to take it up a notch and make this necklace. it is three strands of crocheted wire that has been braided, and the tie off is a vintage button i found in my jar. sorry the pics are so far away. my camera is "close up challenged." or maybe the operator is.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

thought for the day

too hot to do much today, but still, must carry on with your thought for the day:
how come everytime i sweat, it smells like a cross between a dead chicken and an old purse? if my purse starts smelling like my armpit, it goes. why is that?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

new jewelry, some "purdy" things

this weekend, i made these...
crocheted bracelets from a tutorial on a craft website. pretty, No?

this is a great way to while away the hours.....
which i did, making these little beauties...
also saw a salamandar on the floor behind my craft table.... no doubt trying to see if he could fit one over his body. i don't blame him. these were super fun. i learned to crochet on YouTube. who woulda thunk it?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

comments on posts

ok party people. i just figured out that i can change the settings so that all of you can comment without having to sign up on this silly thing. try it out. if it doesn't work, let me know.

more pictures and your saturday thoughts

i made some cute little bracelets that were screaming to be photog'd. they all have their own personality, and are super fun to make.

the second picture is a wooden piece i stained, cut out cherry blossoms with an exacto knife, and mod podged it into place. a small hole is drilled in the top, and it is waiting for it's new life as a pendant, ornament, or something else. i am sorry you have to get whiplash looking at it. i haven't figured out how to rotate the pic after i download it. any one have any ideas?

your Saturday thoughts:

i'm feeling a bit patriotic this week since the Olympics have started. seeing my country represented, and our athletes compete is a proud moment as an American. the men's tight butts category is overflowing. i am going to write the U.S. Olympic committee and request that "tight butts" actually be called a sport. i can judge, i will be objective. i will even take Advil for my carpal tunnel, so i can "squeeze" and really get the "feel" for the tight butts.

anyhoo, tune in everyone: and show your appreciation. these athletes work super hard for a once in a lifetime chance.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

other things and thought for the day

this is a photo of a handbag i made this past winter. all the fabric used was from an upholstery sample book. it nearly kicked my ass, but it would have killed the average gal. not me. it turned out lovely, No?
also, your thought for the day: how come, when you go to nightclubs, there is always one guy, wearing too much cologne, wearing a leather jacket, in town from Beavercreek, age 50, trying to pick up 20 year old women? did he miss something? oh, yeah, he did. his blood pressure meds.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

wednesday thought for the day


if your pants are so low that i can see your crack, chances are i could grab a quarter, put it down there, and get a prize!

Monday, August 4, 2008

monday thought for the day!

if your dog licks the privates first, make sure they don't lick your ice cream after.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

craft projects finished! more to come!

here are a few of my jewelry pieces. the first is a jasper and natural stone with a few borosilicate beads in for fun. the next is rose quartz and freshwater pearls with a lovely polished rock. i just love the natural stone i am finding these days.

to the left is a tote bag i just finished a few weeks ago. this fabric was remnant courdoroy with these pretty embroidered flowers. i used belts i found at Goodwill for the handles. a great idea, because you can change them out.

the pin here is a spin on the Japanese Kazashi flowers that the Geisha wear in their hair. i took a class to learn how to make them, and decided i would make more. they make great magnets as well.
this is a little princess necklace with some of my favorite rose quartz, and a blue stone i was never able to identify.
pretty huh!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

august 1st, holy crap!

august is already here, and all i can think about is my xmas shopping in september. that's right. i shop in september.

this weekend i will be attending my 20 year high school reunion, and have decided to craft all day on sunday. what has happened to us that we now need to schedule stuff in? if i could schedule all stupid people to take the year off, sign me up!! it's crazy how some can get dressed in the morning.

anyhoo, my blackbelt in resale shopping goes on. i will blog tomorrow about more finds.

for those of you who are interested in purchasing organic clothing without the high price tag, i definitely recommend . check it out, and shop away. also, my new favorite eco website is the oh so fashionable . lots of great info for the eco fabulous in us all.

thought for the day: S. is a great friend, and has been "eco" all her life (even though she doesn't like to call it that). she remembers the days when her vivacious british mother would go outside to hang dry all their clothes. she would wear the apron, filled with the clothes pins, and hang 'em high. and the wonderful fresh smell,,,,,, just can't beat it. anyhoo, S. just erected her own clothes line and is lovin' it. i will try to post pictures.
c'mon people, give the dryer a break, hang 'em high and breathe in the air!!!!