Monday, August 31, 2009

to be continued

i have obtained a new computer and am still yet to toss over all my pictures. there will be more to come very soon. please check back.


i will be at Crafty Wonderland on september 13th from 11 to 4pm

Friday, August 14, 2009

farewell , old friend

today we are getting our cooktop torn out and a new, shiny one installed. this is a little wistful for me. this is where i learned to flip pancakes when i was a little girl.....a gateway to enjoying breakfast. this is also where my dad, brother and i made the infamous anchovy, pimiento pasta as well. another gateway to trying new things. it as also the testing ground for my now famous wine pairing dinners i throw once a year.
it's 38 years old, and the front burner is broken, but i can't help but remember the memories of all the good food (and my dad's fire with the beans) that was cooked and enjoyed here.
this is also the place i make my wheat paste for the wonderful books i have been so obsessed with. so, i say farewell buddy......out with the harvest gold, and in with the white. you are still useful, and definitely never forgotten. thanks for the memories. sniff sniff

Sunday, August 9, 2009

more books

another book made out of repurposed skirt leather. this remains my most favorite book and it is also the most un fussy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

flaxin waxin

i took a beeswax collage class, and of course, got obsessed with that too. found these great "stop sign" shaped wood pieces at the Goodwill, threw on some pretty paper, an avocado sack and beeswaxed the top. turned out really "gorg", no?
this one is sort of leaning toward Italy, which as you know i have definitely been there!!! i have more fun doing all this stuff than should be legal in 3 states.