Monday, September 1, 2008

my heart to yours

i found a project in one of my crafty library books, and did my best to follow the directions (not my strong suit). i shaped wire into a heart, wired up some beads, and threaded them on. pic is a little blurry, but i think it turned out ok. not what i expected, but a woman i took a class with once said "if it doesn't turn out the exact way you want, it just means it's 'organic'."

this will most likely become a necklace, ornament, adornment for a dog sled, etc.

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purplbutrfly said...

a cute creation, sandi. gives me some inspiration on working with my glass beads. (i still don't really know what to do with the lot i bought! hahaha.)

i can see you've worked the linking into this entry. well done.=)