Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more bags

this is another bag using purple fabric, grey upholstery samples, and the little grid red piece is from rubber shoe samples. all said, pretty good use of odd materials.
forgot to rotate this photo of the use of belts for handles. but, they matched pretty good.
here is some reclaimed fabric, with a denim pocket. i put a call out for denim jeans, and i have been using them for all sorts of stuff. pockets is just one use. others to follow.

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Branflake said...

Love the denim rug (who wouldn't??), but the bags are still my all-time favorites!!! Love them!! I am going to take mine home with me for Thanksgiving so that I don't have to check any bags! It's perfect as a carry-on! (Did I just sell it for anyone???) :)