Monday, May 18, 2009

bookbinding as obsession

the bookbinding class i took last winter turned me into a bookbinding fanatic. now that i know how to use fabric as the bookcloth, my world is all opened up. marcy found this cool "Project Runway" fabric, i used it for the main bookcloth, an the white strip is white denim jeans i ripped apart!!! Fabulous, No?
i have this thing about eyes. made a collage piece out of scrap paper, and threw some rinestones in there for extra glitter. kinda looks like a whacked out eyeball, but still cool.
Bubbles the dress form was a little irritated when she found out she wasn't going to be modeling these for me, but due to an unfortunate "Chrystal Light" commercial that went awry, she has no arms. she refuses to talk about it. we will stick to the jewels.

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ohboyhowdy said...

Aha! I see why you frequent the Goodwill Store.
You, too have a habit to feed.
Cool blog!