Friday, May 15, 2009

re-purposed beauty

Bubbles the dress form is all a twitter about my new button necklaces. this is an entirely re-purposed item here folks! the rectangular frame is a belt link, old buttons, a great pink button from an old jacket, and some lovely ribbon. i have had a ball creating these. there will be more for your viewing pleasure.

for those of you who are dedicated to viewing my blog, and have missed me ( including my own self), i am comitted to updating this "bad girl blog" from now on. i have so much more to come.

also, OCAC is having their ceramic and metal arts show this weekend may 16th and 17th. just a heads up.

ttfn: sandi the fabulous

1 comment:

marcy said...

bubbles makes a great backdrop for your photos! See she was a good investment. Marcy