Friday, August 14, 2009

farewell , old friend

today we are getting our cooktop torn out and a new, shiny one installed. this is a little wistful for me. this is where i learned to flip pancakes when i was a little girl.....a gateway to enjoying breakfast. this is also where my dad, brother and i made the infamous anchovy, pimiento pasta as well. another gateway to trying new things. it as also the testing ground for my now famous wine pairing dinners i throw once a year.
it's 38 years old, and the front burner is broken, but i can't help but remember the memories of all the good food (and my dad's fire with the beans) that was cooked and enjoyed here.
this is also the place i make my wheat paste for the wonderful books i have been so obsessed with. so, i say farewell buddy......out with the harvest gold, and in with the white. you are still useful, and definitely never forgotten. thanks for the memories. sniff sniff

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