Thursday, August 6, 2009

flaxin waxin

i took a beeswax collage class, and of course, got obsessed with that too. found these great "stop sign" shaped wood pieces at the Goodwill, threw on some pretty paper, an avocado sack and beeswaxed the top. turned out really "gorg", no?
this one is sort of leaning toward Italy, which as you know i have definitely been there!!! i have more fun doing all this stuff than should be legal in 3 states.


Carla Fox said...

Did you use the beeswax and resin combo that Diana had at the beeswax class? Where did you get it? I want to do some more of those, too......that was so much fun!

craftpriestess said...

i got the beeswax from and used the high grade stuff. no resin. it worked just fine. i am having a ball with it. as you know, from the class, we were all pretty much smitten.