Sunday, November 16, 2008


the best, most awesome recycled "trashion" show was yesterday, and i must say, some amazing creations, like this one. blue plastic bag poof skirt with woven shrug made out of grocery bags. so adorable.
emcee sam adams in a bubble wrap tuxedo coat and brown plastic grocery bag leaf like head dress. tara on the left is wearing the ever so stylish "floppy disk flapper dress." out-effin-rageous.

each letter over the stage was made with recycled products. the "F" is egg cartons, the "N" is plastic easter egg cups, and we couldn't figure out what the "U" was.

decided to test my camera on us. not bad.
more pics to come. however, since my silly camera doesn't take good pictures of people actually "in motion"(bogus, i know), they will be good none the less.

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