Monday, November 17, 2008

more junk to funk baby!!

bows and ribbon can be trash, but this diva re-used!!!! a full bow skirt and a ribbon bodice. she is also holding her trophy for participating in the nights events. cool stiletto, and gold barbie trophy, no?
check this out!! high waisted skirt made with all zippers. the bustle on the bottom was all bubble wrap, and the top is all plastic. to die for eh??? she also go third place.

one of the sponsors was SCION vehicles. they made one of their hybrid cars into a photo booth. marcy and i took a seat in the back of the car, and away we went. she looks fantastic, while i look a little on the "man ish" side. the second pic is of me giving my best "Zoolander."
more to come

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Brand-o said...

I am so guys look like you had a great time...I can not believe how creative some people are! I'd love to see more pics if you've got them! Awesome!