Thursday, November 20, 2008

more junk to funk

the dude here is some random guy who decided to dress up. pretty fancy. the gal he is chatting with was in the show. her dress was made of all green colored pages from "Portland Monthly" magazine. i saw a lot of double stick tape on those gals .
this is a paper and plastic evening gown. the pages are spray painted black to give a textured look. the bodice is a piece of old fabric. not tooooo shabby. very "Trashion"

this gal got away with second place and the peoples choice award. her outfit is made out of things you would find in a couch. the skirt is old muslin, the jacket is upholstery fabric, the the button closure area in front is finished with those sliding door lock thingys. you can't really see it, but it was awesome. also for the last cool thing, the standup collar is human hair. she also had a ton of pheasant feathers on top of her head.

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