Saturday, August 9, 2008

more pictures and your saturday thoughts

i made some cute little bracelets that were screaming to be photog'd. they all have their own personality, and are super fun to make.

the second picture is a wooden piece i stained, cut out cherry blossoms with an exacto knife, and mod podged it into place. a small hole is drilled in the top, and it is waiting for it's new life as a pendant, ornament, or something else. i am sorry you have to get whiplash looking at it. i haven't figured out how to rotate the pic after i download it. any one have any ideas?

your Saturday thoughts:

i'm feeling a bit patriotic this week since the Olympics have started. seeing my country represented, and our athletes compete is a proud moment as an American. the men's tight butts category is overflowing. i am going to write the U.S. Olympic committee and request that "tight butts" actually be called a sport. i can judge, i will be objective. i will even take Advil for my carpal tunnel, so i can "squeeze" and really get the "feel" for the tight butts.

anyhoo, tune in everyone: and show your appreciation. these athletes work super hard for a once in a lifetime chance.

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