Friday, August 1, 2008

august 1st, holy crap!

august is already here, and all i can think about is my xmas shopping in september. that's right. i shop in september.

this weekend i will be attending my 20 year high school reunion, and have decided to craft all day on sunday. what has happened to us that we now need to schedule stuff in? if i could schedule all stupid people to take the year off, sign me up!! it's crazy how some can get dressed in the morning.

anyhoo, my blackbelt in resale shopping goes on. i will blog tomorrow about more finds.

for those of you who are interested in purchasing organic clothing without the high price tag, i definitely recommend . check it out, and shop away. also, my new favorite eco website is the oh so fashionable . lots of great info for the eco fabulous in us all.

thought for the day: S. is a great friend, and has been "eco" all her life (even though she doesn't like to call it that). she remembers the days when her vivacious british mother would go outside to hang dry all their clothes. she would wear the apron, filled with the clothes pins, and hang 'em high. and the wonderful fresh smell,,,,,, just can't beat it. anyhoo, S. just erected her own clothes line and is lovin' it. i will try to post pictures.
c'mon people, give the dryer a break, hang 'em high and breathe in the air!!!!

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