Thursday, August 7, 2008

other things and thought for the day

this is a photo of a handbag i made this past winter. all the fabric used was from an upholstery sample book. it nearly kicked my ass, but it would have killed the average gal. not me. it turned out lovely, No?
also, your thought for the day: how come, when you go to nightclubs, there is always one guy, wearing too much cologne, wearing a leather jacket, in town from Beavercreek, age 50, trying to pick up 20 year old women? did he miss something? oh, yeah, he did. his blood pressure meds.

1 comment:

BrandyMichelleBarney said...

That bag is ADORABLE!! Great job!!! far as the club guy goes...well, I guess I have no comment on that one! ;)