Sunday, August 3, 2008

craft projects finished! more to come!

here are a few of my jewelry pieces. the first is a jasper and natural stone with a few borosilicate beads in for fun. the next is rose quartz and freshwater pearls with a lovely polished rock. i just love the natural stone i am finding these days.

to the left is a tote bag i just finished a few weeks ago. this fabric was remnant courdoroy with these pretty embroidered flowers. i used belts i found at Goodwill for the handles. a great idea, because you can change them out.

the pin here is a spin on the Japanese Kazashi flowers that the Geisha wear in their hair. i took a class to learn how to make them, and decided i would make more. they make great magnets as well.
this is a little princess necklace with some of my favorite rose quartz, and a blue stone i was never able to identify.
pretty huh!!

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Tinic said...

Great idea for the tote bag! I shall soon try make one myself. Thanks. I'm Veronica and I love DIY and crafts.