Sunday, August 17, 2008

no "wining"

i finally found a use for all those wine corks laying around. i got a few of these cinch up thingys at the hardware store (i don't know what they are called), and just hot glued them together, cinched up the thingy, and now i have a wine cork trivet for hot food. just make sure they are all the same height. if not, you can cut them down. what a conversation piece at your next funeral. :)


Brandy said...

This is great...I made a bulletin board for my Mom one year with wine corks and a shadow box from Michaels...she loves it! Now to drink more wine to get more corks for the next project... ;)

purplbutrfly said...

I have to either (a) start learning how to like drinking wine on a regular basis or (b) find someone who drinks a lot and doesn't care where the corks go and start collecting the corks to make this very creative and useful project. Great ideas on this site, Sandi.

(I also like your "hot seat" organizer. * big grin * )